No Room in My Life for Dia-Meanies

Last week, there was a post on a medical professional’s personal Facebook stating that she was “shaking her head” at the fact a JDRF chapter was holding a Pancake Breakfast as a T1D fundraiser event. Though I try not to get involved with the comment section of controversial posts, I couldn’t help but give my two-cents about how I believe that we need to recognize people with diabetes can eat ANYTHING that they want, as long as they know the carbohydrate count.

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The First Love of my Life is Furry and Has Four Legs

I always wanted a dog. A lover of animals since I was a very young age, I consistently begged my parents for a puppy of my own. Every year, I’d pen a letter to Santa, and all I’d ask is that he deliver a doggie on Christmas Day for me to love furver.

I never got my Christmas wish as a child. My parents both worked full-time and our afternoons were filled with soccer practices, irish step dancing lessons, and everything in between. It also didn’t help that my mom could give Mr. Clean a run for his money with her desire for immaculate living conditions, and a four-legged family addition would certainly disrupt the homeostasis of her household.

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Turning My Pain Into Purpose

Have you ever been in the same room with someone and felt their presence immediately? It’s as if they emit some sort of warmth or energy and it’s infectious. You can’t help but feel enamored and enthralled by nearly everything about them; the way they speak, the way they look, even the way they move and the expressions that flash across their face. Something draws you to them like a magnet. You feel the pull of a kindred spirit, a friend, even though perhaps you have never actually met them before.

I felt exactly this way the night I met Marina.

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