Find the Desire to Heal

I often wonder to myself how I ended up with the particular mindset that I have. I never intended to project positivity. The decision to live my happiest life through my mission towards the restoration and resurgence of light, wasn’t intentional, premeditated, or calculated. It just is.

It’s a poor explanation for how I became the person I am today, but, I believe that the reason I have such an honestly optimistic disposition is partially in credit to being born this way. Perhaps, it means I have a soul that has achieved a certain level of awareness and understanding through past-life experiences – if you believe in that sort of thing. Or, maybe I’m just lucky. Who knows?

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Justice for Nook and Our Visit to the Courthouse

In March of this year, while walking my dogs at a local park frequented by many pups and people daily, my older dog, Nook, was viciously and without provocation attacked by a pit bull. Come to find out, this particular dog already had a history of (unreported) violence at the park. I took note of the muzzle held by the owner as the pair approached us, and even wondered to myself why someone would carry a muzzle in their hands while allowing their animal to interact with others off-leash. Clearly they had this muzzle with them for a reason.
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