Be the Flame

On Tuesday morning, I read a post by the “Diabetes Dad”, Tom Karlya, reminding his readers that November is not a month for the diabetes community, but rather, it is a month for those unaware of the in’s and out’s that is living with this disease. He pointed out that this is a month for those that “know nothing”, and urged people to focus on making those without the knowledge more aware.

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My Big Blue November

In an effort to participate in Diabetes Awareness Month more than I ever have before, I’ve made a commitment to myself that I will be joining the Big Blue Test movement! As the month begins, I’m truly setting forth with great intentions and a willingness to hold myself accountable. It is my goal to participate at least once a day throughout the month of November and I am looking forward to having a challenge I can use to get me motivated to move my body more.

What is the Big Blue Test, you ask? GREAT QUESTION!

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