The Cost of Diabetes: Diabetes Blog Week 2017 // Day 2

It’s been almost two years and my heart still aches for a person I never actually got to meet.

I met Ish online in a Facebook group for people struggling with diabulimia. Immediately, I was attracted to her quick wit, irreverent sense of humor, and beautiful blue eyes. This girl was the definition of a spitfire but in the absolute best way imaginable. I respected her honesty and treasured her ability to lighten the mood with a single quip or clever remark. I’ve never met anyone quite like her and I honestly doubt I ever will.

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Diabetes & the Unexpected: Diabetes Blog Week 2017 // Day 1

I remember creating my intention the day I was diagnosed. Sitting in a hospital bed, I made a promise to myself, deep within my heart and mind, that I was going to prevail over diabetes. Having already been forewarned by medical professionals of the inevitable doom, destruction, and death associated with lack of dedication to diabetes management, I knew in that moment that in order to survive, I could not falter from this plan of perfection.

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Diabetes Blog Week 2017

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I started this blog! Tomorrow, May 16th, will be What Sarah Said‘s first birthday. I am so thankful to the wonderful Karen Graffeo for creating and organizing this week long celebration of all things DOC and D-blog related. Welcome to the 8th annual Diabetes Blog Week!

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