Gastroparesis, Exercise, & the Bionic Pancreas

Exercise and physical activity can be challenging for anyone living with diabetes. However, when you add a complication like gastroparesis into the fray, things get even more complicated.

I have lived with gastroparesis for about six years now. A complication of prolonged elevated blood sugars, the translation for gastroparesis is “paralyzed stomach”, and the prognosis is chronic nausea and vomiting, with very limited options for treatment or medication. Similar to how neuropathy may affect your extremities, this condition is a result of damage to the vagus nerve, which controls gastric emptying and signals digestion. 

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“Friends” Inspired T1D Design on Sale NOW

I’m lucky enough to be connected to some super talented people, including my childhood friend, Curtis, who is the co-founder of Major Look Boston, a street wear brand inspired by 90’s culture. He has quite the knack for creating images that resemble those we all know and love. Recently, he did a logo design for my boyfriend’s band and made it resemble the Polar seltzer brand label. I’m so grateful for his creativity and help in making this vision a reality for me.

I’ve been hoping to create something I could use for shirts for some time now and this was an idea I’ve been sitting on for months. What better inspiration than the logo from one of my favorite shows? I hope you like the design as much as I do! Visit the link below to place your order and please feel free to share with others. Many styles and colors are available – as well as stickers, mugs, phone cases, etc.

Susan Weiner: Leader, Friend, & Inspiration

Sometimes it’s hard to believe I haven’t always known Susan Weiner. For the last two years, she has been such an illuminating presence in my life. Connected by Anna Norton of the DiabetesSisters, what started as a professional union transformed almost instantly into a beautiful friendship. Anyone who knows her understands what a positive, energetic force Susan is. Her passion for the work that she does is overwhelmingly evident and her influence on the trajectory of my own personal future has been quite strong.

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The Cost of Diabetes: Diabetes Blog Week 2017 // Day 2

It’s been almost two years and my heart still aches for a person I never actually got to meet.

I met Ish online in a Facebook group for people struggling with diabulimia. Immediately, I was attracted to her quick wit, irreverent sense of humor, and beautiful blue eyes. This girl was the definition of a spitfire but in the absolute best way imaginable. I respected her honesty and treasured her ability to lighten the mood with a single quip or clever remark. I’ve never met anyone quite like her and I honestly doubt I ever will.

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Diabetes & the Unexpected: Diabetes Blog Week 2017 // Day 1

I remember creating my intention the day I was diagnosed. Sitting in a hospital bed, I made a promise to myself, deep within my heart and mind, that I was going to prevail over diabetes. Having already been forewarned by medical professionals of the inevitable doom, destruction, and death associated with lack of dedication to diabetes management, I knew in that moment that in order to survive, I could not falter from this plan of perfection.

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Diabetes Blog Week 2017

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I started this blog! Tomorrow, May 16th, will be What Sarah Said‘s first birthday. I am so thankful to the wonderful Karen Graffeo for creating and organizing this week long celebration of all things DOC and D-blog related. Welcome to the 8th annual Diabetes Blog Week!

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Dear Diabetes Girl Crushes: Happy (Belated) Galentine’s Day

For those of you who may be unaware, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only holiday happening this week. An occasion inspired by Leslie Knope, my favorite fictional female politician, Galentine’s Day is for the ladies. Typically celebrated on February 13th, this is a tradition dedicated to recognizing and honoring the women in our lives that we love and admire. So in light of this special day, and regardless of the fact that I’m a few days behind schedule, I thought I’d take the opportunity to reveal some of my diabetes girl crushes, because let’s face it, there are SO many incredible ladies living with T1D and they deserve to be held up and recognized for how wonderfully strong and inspirational they are.

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It’s the Love That Keeps Me Strong

I had a boyfriend before I ever had diabetes. We met at a 4th of July cookout the summer before our freshman year of high school. We didn’t live in the same town, so we never went to school together, but for the eight years following our first date, he was my very best friend.

I remember texting him from my pediatrician’s office the day I was diagnosed. My appointment was supposed to be a routine physical, but after the finger stick and urine analysis, it had taken an unexpected turn for the worse. Fidgeting on the crinkling paper of the examination table, I opened my flip phone to send him a message. I told him something was wrong and that they think it might be diabetes. In that moment, I was so scared, but having him to reach out to and lean on for emotional support, made me a little stronger. I wasn’t alone. I had a partner.

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